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The ability to catalog vehicles entering and leaving your property is an invaluable tool for both security and business analytics. Utilizing the latest License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, Industrial Technical Services, Inc. can design, install and maintain a system that will log all vehicles entering and exiting your facilities, provide near real-time alerting upon target license plate identification. These LPR systems can be integrated with video surveillance to provide the ability to rapidly search for a license plate and correlate archived video of that vehicle. If desired, gates can be opened or closed based on a vehicle’s license plate.

Traffic in underground parking garage with motion blur from moving car, car passing through parking garage

Some applications where LPR is invaluable:

  • Blacklisting former employee vehicles
  • VIP notification and access
  • Access Control
  • Enforcing vehicle parking rules (no overnight parking)
  • Data gathering
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