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Video Surveillance

When it comes to protecting your property, loved ones, and security, video surveillance is invaluable. Industrial Technical Services provides comprehensive services from the leading video surveillance manufacturers. Our solutions include cloud-based surveillance and full-scale on-premises solutions. We offer a tailored design, professional installation, and expert service to meet your individual requirements. To ensure the best image quality, our highly trained technicians carefully select the right cameras for each environment, taking into account the effect of lighting, motion, or other environmental factors which may affect system performance. With Industrial Technical Services as your partner, you can be sure that all aspects of your security needs are being taken care of.

Camera lens with red and blue backlight, Macro photography lenses, Horizontal photography

No power? No problem. Industrial technical services can save you thousands of dollars in trenching and infrastructure by installing solar-powered, wireless cameras at even the most remote locations.  

Benefits of Video Surveillance include:

  • Realtime monitoring of remote locations
  • Evidence gathering
  • Reduction of theft and loss
  • Employee safety
  • Quality control
  • Data gathering using analytics

License Plate Recognition

The ability to catalog vehicles entering and leaving your property is an invaluable tool for both security and business analytics. Utilizing the latest License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, Industrial Technical Services, Inc. can design, install and maintain a system that will log all vehicles entering and exiting your facilities, provide near real-time alerting upon target license plate identification. These LPR systems can be integrated with video surveillance to provide the ability to rapidly search for a license plate and correlate archived video of that vehicle. If desired, gates can be opened or closed based on a vehicle’s license plate.

Traffic in underground parking garage with motion blur from moving car, car passing through parking garage

 Applications where License Plate Recognition is invaluable:

  • Blacklisting former employee vehicles
  • VIP notification and access
  • Access Control
  • Enforcing vehicle parking rules (no overnight parking)
  • Data gathering

Ava Aware

Actionable Intelligence in the cloud, on-site or using your existing IP cameras.

Ava Aware video surveillance screens, Ava Aware, video surveillance

Add AI capabilities to your existing cameras, install a new on-site Ava camera system, or harness the power of serverless cloud-based cameras. No matter how you deploy it, Ava Aware provides a seamless, simple to use, AI-powered video platform that will take your security to the next level. Ava Aware can provide real-time actionable alerts for site security and provide operational insights that can improve customer experience and employee productivity.

  • Object classification and tracking – Identify vehicles and people in real-time. Track objects and receive alerts based on custom-defined rules.
  • Occupancy Levels – Count people and vehicles in areas. Understand the total number of customers in each area, receive alerts based on exceeding specified occupancy levels. Notify when vehicles or people are loitering.
  • Search by objects, by similar objects and events across your entire deployment. Simple web and mobile interface for ease of access and use.
  • Directional audio analytics – Take advantage of 360-degree acoustic sensors built into Ava cameras.
  • Receive notifications based on sounds such as screaming, smoke alarms, or other loud noises.
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